I’ll Try Anything Twice

I always say “I’ll try anything twice.” This started by learning early on that you can’t really judge most things by the first try. I tried asparagus and sweet potatoes and hated them both – but after trying them a second time, prepared by excellent cooks (my friends Tami & Eli), I discovered I liked them. So giving everything at least two chances is one of my Life Rules. Here’s a list of things I have tried twice and never need to try again:

1. Skiing

I’ve gone skiing twice in my life, both times in my mid-twenties. I left the mountain a reasonably good skier, getting past the bunny runs and onto the intermediate slopes without any injuries. But while I didn’t fall down the mountain, I found that I was constantly afraid of hurting myself. It just seems like a really silly way to A. Blow out your ACL or B. Die. Not to mention I was never happy while doing it – Cold and, inevitably wet, under the threat of injury, is not my idea of a good time.

2. Mission Space (Orange Team)

If you’re not familiar, Mission Space is a ride at EPCOT meant to simulate what an astronaut would feel during liftoff on a mission to Mars. I don’t normally have a problem with any motion sickness or thrill ride, but I felt yucky and had a headache for at least an hour after both times I rode Mission Space. And I wasn’t alone – after a few years, they started offering a “Green Team” mission, which does NOT simulate the centrifugal force (spinning) that makes most people nauseous. Honestly, I don’t know why I even gave it a second shot – the ride features a barf bag in front of your seat. Yeah, I’ll pass.

3. Cut my own hair

Bahahahaha just kidding! I have never cut my own hair. Plus…I feel like that’s a “try once and learn the hard way that it’s not for you” kind of thing.


4. Coffee

It’s just not my favorite flavor – or smell. Twice I have tried it from someone’s coffee pot and both times I was reminded I did not enjoy that flavor. I can handle a Java Chip from Starbucks, which is basically chocolate, sugar and whipped cream… with a hint of coffee. When I was younger I never wanted to try it because my Mum told me that it stunted your growth, and “Don’t you want to be tall like Papa?” So perhaps it’s a holdover from that because I sure do still want to be like my Papa.

5. See a game at Braves Stadium in Atlanta

Twice I have seen the Red Sox play the Braves and twice it has been unbelievably hot, crowded and dirty. And the traffic is a nightmare. Not to even mention the Red Sox lost both times. The Braves are getting a new stadium and maybe I’ll give that one a shot (okay, fine, TWO shots).

6. The Opera

Call me uncultured, call me lacking in good taste or education – but I really disliked the experience both times I have been to an opera. I mean, I love the spaghetti/Olive Garden/pasta commercial music as much as the next girl, but I just really did not enjoy either opera I saw. To quote Josh, I’d have to say they were too “singy”.

7. Wine

I tried wine on my 21st birthday (I was at a winery, in Tuscany. I know, best 21st birthday ever) and once while trying to Drink Around the World at EPCOT and the glass of wine in ‘Italy’ was on special… And that went a little like this: “A drink special, at Disney World? I’ll take it! …” (Sip, sip) …”Ew. I still hate wine!” (throws back rest of glass like it’s a shot). So, I’ve tried wine in actual Italy, and EPCOT Italy…if I can’t like it at either of those places, it’s not for me.

If I remember, I’ll come back and add to this particular list when more examples come up. It was fun to brainstorm and remember a few things that I had forgotten that after doing them, I was all set with never doing them again. Obviously I may go skiing again. I’m just saying I’m pretty sure I don’t ever NEED to.


Do you try everything twice like I do? Anything you’ve done a couple times and aren’t willing to try again?

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7 thoughts on “I’ll Try Anything Twice

  1. Rachel says:

    Woot woot! I love this post 🙂 and not just because I suggested it.

    Something I don’t need to do again (which I’m pretty sure you would include on your extended list) is visit Paris – and I’ve only done it once! Not that I’m saying I wouldn’t go if A.) I happened to be in the near vicinity, B.) I spent most if not all of the time at Disneyland Paris, or C.) If someone was paying the entire tab.

    I wish my life was as systematic as having a rule to try anything at least twice – some things I do all the time and I still hate them, some things I’ll never try – not knowing whether I’ll hate it or not, and some things I decide not to do again – I eventually think, eh, why not (#drinkingaroundtheworld #EPCOT)

    • Cailyn says:

      I couldn’t include Paris because I’ve only been once… and I have two caveats for going again: RunDisney Paris race or attending the French Open.

      It really comes from letting myself not do things I don’t like. If I don’t like it, try it one more time. If I still don’t like it, let it go (let it gooooooo) and stop doing it.

      And you SHALL attempt to DATW again if I have anything to do with it!

  2. Erin says:

    I like your try it twice approach to life! It’s really a good concept – our tastes are constantly evolving. If it weren’t for “try it twice” I would never have discovered my love of meatloaf or The Hunger Games.

    Ditto on the skiing – although I’ve tried it 6 or 7 times I can honestly say I don’t enjoy it – I feel like I should but it’s cold, you have to wear 30 layers, the boots suck and yea – I feel like my only goal is not to die!

    On my “two and thru” list….
    1. Scallops
    2. Dr. Pepper
    3. Tower of Terror (okay it was only once – but that’s enough)
    4. Skateboarding
    5. Sons of Anarchy

    • Cailyn says:

      A. Meatloaf is something I need to try again… GOOD meatloaf. I think I’ve had it once and thought it wasn’t for me…I can’t remember ever trying it again? Not because I hated it or anything I just don’t think I’ve had the chance.
      B. Your response to skiing: Exactly.
      C. Dr. Pepper could TOTALLY be added to my list. Good call.
      D. Tower of Terror…come on, you’ve got to try that again. I’ll hold your hand 🙂

      Oh and I am so glad you gave The Hunger Games a second chance!

  3. So much YES to wine. I’ll drink it to be polite, I guess, but I really can’t tell the difference between most wines and rubbing alcohol.

    Also, I’m sitting out all future Mission: Space expeditions after failing both the normal and wuss versions.

    • I don’t even drink wine to be polite… I either bring a beverage I enjoy with me, or I’ll have water. I really dislike it that much.

      And I think I am done with Mission:Space regardless of Orange or Green…I just don’t enjoy feeling yucky.

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