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Introducing a new section of the blog today that takes a look at this City Girl’s exposure to Country Life. Future stories will be nestled under the “Country Life” tab!

Right before our move a hysterical example of #countrylife occurred and I’ve been meaning to post it. I’ll set the scene:

I’m inside the house, watching the Bruins game. Suddenly the door opens and Josh comes bursting in, Professor Quirrell-style.


Josh: “Cows! There’s cows on our side of the river!”

Cailyn: “What.”

Josh, very agitated: “I just went down to the river and somehow the cows crossed it and they’re on our land.”

Cailyn, unfazed: “Okay. Sweet.”

Josh: “Well what should we do about it?”

Cailyn: “Are you kidding? What is there for us to do? I don’t know how to herd COWS.”

Josh, still worried: …”Are you up for an adventure then? We need to try.”

Cailyn, sighing: “Fine. Let’s go. Let’s go herd cows. Ginormous animals. COWS. Let’s attempt to get them to cross a stream. I hope they respond well to me politely asking.”

Now, as to be expected… we got down to the river, and the cows had already crossed back over. Because, you know, they’re animals. They go home.

The cows, safely navigating the hill on the correct side of the stream.

The cows, safely navigating the hill on the correct side of the stream.


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8 thoughts on “Country Life

    • Cailyn says:

      Haha, no idea… In the almost year we were there, never once did they cross the stream (there is a wire fence-like thing to prevent this from happening but the wire was a little high so we think they just ducked under) except this time. And they didn’t hang out for long before they headed back!

  1. Hope says:

    LOL! I needed this laugh today. I wouldn’t have known what to do either. You need to post about the turkey visitor next!

    • Cailyn says:

      I was thinking that might be an excellent “Throwback Thursday” type of post under this Country Life category!

  2. SBRed says:

    BAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That’s fantastic!!!! I love this story and I agree with Hope on both the “I needed this today” and the please post the turkey story sentiment! Can you post the video with it????

  3. Rachel says:

    I loved this story when I first heard it!

    I’ve seen the river and the fence that’s supposed to keep the cows in and cows must be smarter &/or more clever than we think – I remember thinking that I might not be able to figure out how to get across.

    I can just see you and Josh trying to communicate with cows #DoryStyle

    • Cailyn says:

      The story loses something without me to act it out visually doesn’t it? And we never went down to the river again without Josh trying to determine which section of the river they crossed at. “Yes, I realize you think its there… or there…or maybe there. But I still don’t care. The cows are gone.” And I think this story would have ended MUCH differently if the cows hadn’t decided to head on home. #dorystyle is 100% correct.

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