Try Again.


In the car with Josh, listening to the 90s station on XM Radio and Aaliyah’s song “Are You That Somebody” comes on and I start singing it…

…Switch to Pop2K on XM and Aaliyah’s song “Try Again” comes on and I start singing it…

Josh: “You know all Aaliyah’s music?”

Me: “Well these two were her biggest hits. And it’s not like she’s releasing any more.”

Josh: “Why not?”

Me, staring at him: “Are you serious? Because she died like over ten years ago. In a plane crash. This was big news. It was really sad.”

Josh: “Are you sure? I feel like I would remember that.”

Me: “Very sure.”

Josh: “I’m still not sure.”



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9 thoughts on “Try Again.

  1. Hope says:

    Daniel and I literally had this EXACT conversation a few months ago. They are so twinsies.

    He also didn’t know about Left Eye from TLC.

  2. Heather says:

    After reading this on Fb I read a Buzzfeed “20 things that will make you feel old” list and Aaliayh’s death was listed since it was over 13 years ago. When did we get so old?!

    • Cailyn says:

      I know! I actually looked it up to show Josh and couldn’t believe it was that long ago.. I was thinking 8-10 years… not 12-14! Sigh. I am reminded of something EVERY DAY that makes me feel old.

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