Ghost on First!

Here’s a special edition of “That’s What He Said” featuring Josh’s dear Mom, Judi. She probably won’t be super thrilled to be featured on the blog, but the following interaction was just too perfect to not post… Sorry Judi, but you and Josh are two of the most inadvertently funny people I have ever met!

Judi, Josh and I spent Saturday night watching the Cleveland Indians play some baseball. In the fourth inning, Indians’ second baseman Jason Kipnis reached first base on a bunt. His picture was shown up on the JumboTron, as every other Indians player had been throughout the game. It looked a little something like this:

Indians one

Judi: “So this Jason Kipnis? He died?”

Me: “Died? No, he bunted.”

Judi: “Well they keep showing his picture up on the screen a lot so I thought maybe he died and it was a tribute or something.”

Me, laughing so hard: “He’s the guy standing on first… they put everyone’s photo up on the screen when they’re batting.”

Josh: “Ghost on FIRST!”

Judi, slightly annoyed at our laughter: “Well it says 2014 under his name! Why would they do that?”

Me: “Because it is 2014? It’s under everyone’s name.”

….And, as luck would have it…. batting next in the Indians’ lineup….

Indians 3

Me, still laughing: “Now Jesus… Jesus may no longer be with us.”

Josh: “Wow, 2014 was a tough year for Major League Baseball. May Jesus rest in peace.”

Ohhh Judi, how we love you! Thanks for a great weekend and some wonderful times!

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