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In case you live under a rock, Derek Jeter retired last week. And even though I found the season-long Farewell Tour to be a teensy bit obnoxious, Jeter is easily one of the greatest baseball players, ever. But as I watched the coverage and social media unfold, I noticed there were quite a few people that still showed Jeter no respect. And as a Red Sox fan who refuses to say rude things about Derek Jeter just because he plays for the Yankees, it got me thinking: Who are people that are consistently disrespected by the collection of Haters & Internet Trolls that seem to be plaguing our nation?  And probably deserve our collective respect at this point? So here’s a list of people that I think have earned respect, even if we may not want to give them any:

1. Derek Jeter

RE2PECT. I mean, the entire campaign features the word ‘Respect’ and his number 2 in it. Derek Jeter played the game right and taught a generation of children that it is possible to win, lose, or be a mega successful athlete without acting like a jerkface. He had class, there was never a whiff of steroid use (even though he played in the Steroid Era), and he deserves our respect. I tip my cap, to the Captain.


2. Paris Hilton

The original “famous for being famous” starlet has a distinct lack of any discernible talent and still became a household name with a perfume line, record deal, and several television shows and film roles. She may be one of the smartest celebrities to ever walk the red carpet, exhibiting a savvy ability to manipulate paparazzi and an early adopter of social media. Now, some people might be unhappy that she paved the way for the Kardashians and thus wish Paris had been content to be a hotel mogul – but that doesn’t take away from the fact that she managed to manipulate her name into a successful career.

3. President Barack Obama

I know, I know. His approval rating is at an all-time low and times are crazy. But. He has the hardest job on the planet. And it’s one of those jobs that is completely thankless and it is impossible to please everyone. Anyone, really. Every decision he makes is questioned by an entire country of citizens who do not even remotely know everything involved with those decisions. Imagine if every single move you made was examined and discussed relentlessly? We will never know what goes into his decisions. Show some respect to the leader of the free world. His job is tough.

4. Taylor Swift

Country lovers think she’s too Pop. Pop lovers think she’s too Country. The whole world seems to think all she does is date too many boys. When in reality, she is a 7-time Grammy winner, participates in extensive philanthropic efforts, writes all her own songs, and doesn’t date  more than any other 20-something. And in a sea of no talent, booty-shaking, lingerie-wearing Pop starlets? Her dedication to being an excellent role model for her fans is impressive. Plus, she loves cats. A girl after my own heart. But hey, the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.


5. Angelina Jolie

Cheater, cheater pumpkin eater. And whoa, I’m #teamjen for life. But. She is a humanitarian and Goodwill Ambassador that has donated thousands of dollars and hours to various charities. And has simultaneously become both the face for adoption and the punch line of every adoption joke ever. But adopting children in need while dedicating your life to various charity organizations is probably worth our respect. Plus – Tomb Raider and Hackers? The best.


Honorable Mentions:

LeBron James: But he’s an arrogant jerkface and I already said everything I need to say about him HERE. And, I own this place, so… sorry, not sorry.

The Kardashians: Ugh. FINE. They work hard at being famous. But they’re off the list because I can really only handle Paris. And Paris was the trendsetter.

Any major sport commissioner: They all have a thankless job where every choice they make is also questioned. But since Goodell isn’t exactly hitting it out of the park lately, I felt like maybe he needs to earn some respect back and I’ll leave them all off the list.

Alright. That’s my list of people that have earned my respect, even if I didn’t want to give it. And remember, you don’t have to like any of these people – but I think at this point, they have earned everyone’s respect.

Anyone you would add? Someone that doesn’t get the respect they deserve? Or someone you do respect, but begrudgingly? 

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