Friday Five – August 14, 2015

Friday Five

The return of the Friday Five and since it’s Back To School season, I’m dedicating this one to teachers! They never get enough gratitude and this blog won’t be enough, but it’s a start. Here’s some ideas and ways to thank your favorite teacher, as well as a few thank yous of my own!

1. School Supplies

You know that feeling you get when you start a new notebook? When you open to a brand new page and use your favorite pen? The feeling of calmness and serenity and the “I can do anything” attitude that comes with it? That’s the new school year. And I don’t know if any of you that aren’t parents have taken a look at what is included on a 3rd grader’s School Supply list these days, but it is extensive – I checked out a local school’s requirements and bought everything on the list and it was over $60! And I had coupons! Now obviously I don’t have a 3rd grader, so I hauled it all over and dropped it off with the bestie and donated it – Kristin will supplement any child in her classroom’s supplies who can’t afford to bring it all. My point is this – if you can, do the same. Every kid deserves that “new notebook” feeling and not everyone can afford it. And if the family can’t, the teachers do it. And that’s not right either. You can check out my favorite local and deserving school’s list here, but wherever you are, your town probably does backpack drives and welcomes donated supplies!

IMG_20150811_1717252. Respect

I wrote this one out three times and have deleted it because I don’t have a child who goes to school and it’s hard to speak on (make that, be heard on) something you have only observed. So I am just going to say this: Respect teachers. They have a hard job and they deserve your respect.

3. Life’s a school and you gotta show up!

“If history does repeat itself, then I’m going to name my pet dinosaur, Reginald.”

4. Volunteering

All year round, teachers need volunteers. Even if it’s just to do story time or organize, every moment you can help them, is a moment cherished by a teacher. And you would not believe the amount of time they spend working outside of the classroom. Kristin’s job ended hours after my 9-5 job did when we lived together. School hasn’t even started yet for your kids, but those teachers are already in their classrooms, organizing¬†and prepping curriculum. It’s astounding the amount of work necessary just to get the classrooms ready, never mind the planning, training and grading that goes on after the bell rings during the school year. An additional, year-round way of giving if you can’t give your time? Check out Donors Choose. You can choose to fund a classroom library, field trips, art supplies… You can give any amount of money towards any area of education that makes you happy. Books make me happy, so I donate to class room libraries and book drives…or when one of my teacher friends has a request. Because helping my friends makes me happy too. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a lot. Every bit helps and Donors Choose often does matching drives.

5. Sandwich

The foundation of my education was built in Sandwich, Massachusetts. I’d like to thank a few of those teachers that started my own journey into reading and writing and an education I deeply value. Thank you Mrs. Linda Pearsall, (1st grade), both Mr. & Mrs. Schermerhorn (11th & 6th, respectively), Mr. Mike O’Brien (12th grade), and Mr. Kevin Brogioli (11th grade). Yep. They’ll probably never, ever read this. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t write it – because every teacher should know they made an impact and I honestly couldn’t be more grateful for them. Not to mention, I own this place. #idowhatiwant



So, if you get a chance in the next few weeks…thank a teacher. Buy them a Starbucks, express your gratitude, acknowledge how hard they are working. And from me: Thank you, to every who is called to teaching. It is a noble pursuit and I am grateful to each and every one of you for making the world a better place. You are making a difference.

Are you ready for back to school? Do you still remember your first grade teacher? Share your favorite teacher with me in the comments!