2015 Goals

I prefer to call my resolutions “goals” and I usually keep them private. But this year I have a blog…which was on my goal list for last year! I also set up a plan with “due by” dates and chose times to check in on where I am with the goals. Concrete goals obviously work for me…so here goes! 


1. Get organized

I  think I might already be more organized than the average person, but there’s room for improvement. I’m currently working on my Christmas decorations, gifts for next year, and wrapping supplies. I buy gifts all year round for budgeting reasons and I need to do a better job of keeping track of who I have bought for already – this year I accidentally WAY over bought for my niece and nephew and it was completely preventable if I had assessed what I had already bought them both in July. Side goal – write a blog post about How I Got Organized.

2. Budget

Speaking of budgeting, making a stricter one is on the To Do list as well. We recently talked with my Aunts and Uncle over Christmas about investments and savings and it reminded Josh and I that we need to assess our current long-term financial plans. Anyone have a budget system that they recommend?

3. Run faster

Ever since I started running, I have done longer races – half marathons, 10 milers, 10ks – and always focused on just getting the mileage in and making sure I could cover the distance. This year I want to concentrate on running, but increasing my speed. I may never run a 6 minute mile, but I’d settle for a 10!

goal to reach

4. Tamper unrealistic expectations

I need to consciously work on accepting people and situations for who and what they are. For instance, I often get disappointed when I go out of my way to send a card or package or pick out a gift…and the act goes unappreciated. This is on me. It makes ME happy to send mail or pick out the perfect gift, so when I am not thanked, I get sad but I really shouldn’t – I was happy to send it and happy to give it. So in 2015 I’ll tamper my unrealistic expectations as well as decide more carefully who I do such things for.

not a tree

5. Start an Etsy shop

This is HUGE and something I have been debating for several years now. It’s time to just dive in and be creative because it’s something I love. I’ll be working on this and will be sharing more with you all soon!

6. Continue to get healthy

I am running a DietBet that starts on Monday January 5th (but you can join through the 10th) and I challenge everyone to join! It’s an online weight loss system that challenges you to lose 4% of your weight in one month. Everyone bets $20 on themselves – and if you lose your 4%, you get your money back, plus whatever money is left in the pot from those that did not make their bet. You can read more about it here. And sign up for Cailyn’s DietBet here.


What are your New Year’s resolutions or goals? Any organization or budgeting tips for me? Etsy shop name suggestions?