The Friday Five – April 3, 2015

Friday Five

Second week in a row, the Friday Five!

1. Spiralizer

I got a Spiralizer¬†and I am super excited to use it. This nifty gadget does such amazing things as turn zucchini into long strands of “spaghetti” and turns potatoes into curly fries. I’ll update on here and let everyone know if Josh is fooled by zucchini noodles (Zoodles!).


Paderno World Cuisine A4982799 Tri-Blade Plastic Spiral Vegetable Slicer

2. Friends Furever

This Android commercial has been around for a while, Liz texted me about it in February (Ooh De Lally is kind of our song)…but Josh has just recently discovered it and I can’t tell you how many times he rewound the DVR, or listened to the song. So I figured I’d share, in case you too are a few months behind ūüėČ

3. Snacky Mouse

Nomar & Pesky got a Temptations Snacky Mouse for their birthday and they’d like everyone to know they are BIG fans and all their cat friends and cousins should get one immediately. You fill the mouse with treats and then the kitties bat it around until a treat comes out, which is relatively easy so the kitties give it two paws up!


4. Back in My Day

Seth Meyers does a skit called “Back in My Day” and he puts on a Mr. Rogers sweater and talks about things “in his day”…and since he’s only 40, his “day” was only ten years ago. It made me laugh, especially the part about Lost. Because you all know how I feel about Lost: The Lost Hours

Can’t get enough of Seth Meyers? Well don’t worry, I watch him and Fallon every morning while I eat my breakfast so I can pull out the funny parts for you every week. So here’s a special 4B: Seth does another skit called “Ya Burnt” where he makes fun of different topics…and this week featured Easter, April Fool’s Day, Tax Season and Duke. Check it out Here.

5. Mime Through Time

These three are a sketch trio (SketchSHE) and just released a new video of them lip synching with some huge hits, starting with the 1940s all the way to today. There’s a song and a matching costume for everyone in this one!

Alright, there’s five things from my week that I wanted to share with you!

Anything you want to share from your week? Have an amazing recipe for me to use with my spiralizer?

TV Series Finales – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

It’s that time of year again – season and series finales are going on and some long-running shows have come to an end. It started me thinking on what have been some of the best and worst series finales that I have seen over the years. Two things to keep in mind before you read this list: 1) I am only doing series that I watched, thus MASH, Dallas and Breaking Bad are not going to make the list, as I never watched them…so no need to tell me all about who shot J.R. or Walter White’s phenomenal acting in the comments. 2) Most of these shows have been off the air for years, but I will warn you: Spoilers are completely unavoidable, so if you see a show you haven’t watched, or someday plan to Netflix on a rainy weekend, STOP READING.

TV Series

The Good:

1. The Wire

It gets top billing from me because I think it is the best written and acted show of all time. All. Time. For those not familiar, The Wire is a crime drama and not for the faint of heart. It concentrates on the corruption in Baltimore – corruption in the school system, politics, police force, journalism, and shipyards. It takes a hard look at drug culture and poverty, following characters on paths of both destruction and redemption. The finale did what all good finales should – tied up loose ends, continued a high standard of storytelling and acting, as well as included a few shocking conclusions.

2. Dawson’s Creek

It was always going to be Joey and Dawson right?! Heck, it’s called Dawson’s Creek – he’s gotta get the girl right? Nope, sorry folks, but I’ve always been #teampacey so I was thrilled with this finale. Dawson does get to be a big shot TV producer so at least he gets that dream. And Jen’s dying message to her baby girl? “Be a dreamer…and remember, to love is to live…” It’s one of the best TV speeches I’ve ever seen and even my heart of stone was breaking.

3. Friends

She gets off the plane. Thus we get to see the Rachel and Ross saga continue – nothing was ever easy with them so it was an appropriate culmination for her to say goodbye and head off to Paris….and then come to her senses. And it all ends in the apartment – an apartment all of them at some point had lived in and where almost every big event in the show’s history happened…Well played.

The Bad:

4. Gilmore Girls

I needed more laughs, more tears and more of the quick-wit dialogue the show had been famous for in the finale. I also need to see a little flash forward…give me a hint about Luke and Lorelai, or even Rory and ….gasp… Jess. It has to be Jess. If there was ONE show that I would ever donate a dollar to Kickstarter (Veronica Mars-style) in order to make a movie, Gilmore Girls is it. I didn’t hate the finale, but I thought it could have been much better.

5. The Sopranos

I know, I know, some people loved it. And some people hated it. And that’s why it lands in the “Bad” and not the “Ugly”. The infamous fade to black was the ultimate in either artistic integrity or total cop-out. I lean towards the hate it crowd, as I like loose ends tied and a feeling of resolution when a fictional story is coming to an end.

And the Ugly:

6. Lost

I already wrote one rant featuring the hours I lost watching Lost, but I have to say it again: The ending was awful. It made everyone that said “They were all dead” seem like they were right and gave no explanation as to why they were wrong. Heads up: It was a sideways, alternate timeline at the end, and they were NOT in purgatory the entire show. The island was there, the beginning seasons happened, they were not dead the entire time. The finale refused to tie up loose ends/island mysteries and that left people confused and disappointed.

7. Seinfeld

Ugh, I hated this series finale. It was a smart show that was funny even though a lot of the characters weren’t very likeable. And the finale featured them on trial (for not stopping a crime) and it felt like they were just trying to find a vehicle to show 100 cameos. I’m not super sure how to make this finale better, but I know this is one of the worst conclusions of an amazing show I’ve ever seen.

8. How I Met Your Mother

If I close my eyes and concentrate really hard, I am pretty sure I can hear my friend Hope, 150 miles away, STILL ranting about the injustice of this finale. Personally, I would never have put this in the “Ugly” if the final season hadn’t taken place. The show needed to end a few seasons ago, but since they dedicated the ENTIRE final season to Barney and Robin’s wedding…and then have them divorce in the first 16 minutes of the finale…that felt like a waste of time and really annoyed me. I don’t mind where the characters ended up, but I do mind how they got there.

HIMYM finale

And that’s my list! If you’re interested in purchasing any of the seasons of my favorite TV series finales…click on the DVD photo and it’ll take you straight to Amazon!

What are you some of your favorite TV series finales? Do you agree with my choices and/or the categories I put them in?


The Lost Hours

This List is brought to you by my recent haircut. I was watching the hairdresser blow dry my hair… twist, brush, dry, volumize, spritz, diffuse… and getting extremely annoyed. I don’t care about getting my hair blow dried.¬†“Listen, I’m just going to put it in a pony tail when I leave here…can I skip this process? I am sure your arms are tired.” Well it turns out, my hair is the product of this lovely salon and they can’t send me on my merry way looking like a drowned rat. Bad for business and all. Sigh. FINE.

Anyways, all that got me thinking – what other minutes and hours of my life do I wish I could get back? Not the hours that everyone wishes for (standing in line, airport layovers, waiting in traffic, etc), but time you’ve spent, by choice, and now wish you could reclaim because it just wasn’t worth it or should never have been an important use of your time. Here’s what I came up with:

1. ¬†Any time I’ve ever spent getting my hair blow dried after a haircut. Have I mentioned I feel that’s a waste of my time? Please see above.

2.¬†¬†Every¬†time I’ve stayed up late to watch an overtime or extra innings game and my team has lost. There is nothing like looking down at your watch after a four hour Red Sox game when the other team hits a walk off homerun and it’s 1 a.m. All that time invested and they lost? It’s just not right.

3.¬† Any of the time I spent worrying about homework or grades before 6th grade. I know, I know, homework sets up good school habits and grades are important to establish taking pride in your work – but I spent a lot of time looking for A’s in grade school when B’s would have been just fine.

Dear 4th Grade Cailyn: In the real world…you know, where you’ll spend most of your life…grades don’t matter. It’s the habits and perseverance that homework teaches you that will serve you in life… so if you can find that somewhere else, calm down and take the B. Now go outside and play. Oh! And take naps. You don’t get them as an adult and you’ll regret every single one you didn’t take as a kid.

4.¬† The entire 117 minutes I spent watching The Grey. Liam Neeson has a very particular set of skills — but disturbing and depressing treks through the Alaskan wilderness is not one of them. That being said: Liam Neeson is awesome and I shall not fault him nor charge him the 117 minutes if they come out with Taken 3.¬†UPDATE: Liam Neeson just started shooting Taken 3 in Georgia – all is forgiven.

liam neeson

5.¬† All the time I watched bad reality TV in the late 90s and early 2000s as the reality television genre exploded. The Real World had paved the way for such greats as Celebrity Fit Club, Temptation Island and The Swan. These shows were awful. The premise was awful, the “reality” was awful, and it was demeaning for everyone involved. But I tuned in to check them out and before I knew it I was arguing with my sister over who was the best at smizing on America’s Next Top Model. Now, don’t get me wrong – I still watch So You Think You Can Dance and The Biggest Loser and I understand why some junk TV (ahem, Kardashians) is necessary in life. I totally get it. But, personally, there are some long hours spent with Joe Millionaire and Tila Tequila that I’d like to get back.

6.¬† Speaking of television, I’d like to get back any time I have spent watching great television shows that were cancelled the first season or entirely too soon. I could make a list just of “cancelled too early shows”, but my point here is that the time investment is the reason why I often have an entire season of a new show taking up space on my DVR so I can wait to see if it’ll get renewed before I binge watch.


7.¬† All of the time I spent finishing books that I didn’t like. I used to push through and finish even the worst books because my OCD couldn’t handle “giving up.” Until a New Year’s Resolution a few years ago freed me from my chains: “I am a grown up now. I do not have to finish everything I start if I don’t like it.” We have this “Never give up” mantra that floats around in our society like it’s the only way. That’s absurd. Give it your best shot of course, but the reality is some things are meant to be given up. Like meth. And poorly written books. Actually, let’s all agree meth isn’t a “give it your best shot scenario.”

8.  And finally. The Lost Hours. The actual hours I spent watching Lost. I want to get them all back and have never watched it because the ending left me feeling sad, a little bit confused and very unfulfilled. The producers and writers played it fast and loose with a lot of the details and plot lines Рan insult to me as a viewer and as a fan. Rude.

lost meme

What hours do you want back? Do you want your Lost hours returned to you? What’s your favorite bad reality television show from the past decade?